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The Healthfirst Candidate Experience Promise

As team members, we’ve all gone through the experience of applying, interviewing, and onboarding. Our goal is to guide you through each step of our process and keep you informed about what to expect. Learn more about the Healthfirst Candidate Journey by watching the video below.

The Healthfirst Candidate Experience Promise

Our candidates will have a positive experience regardless of job level or application outcome. Our team members ensure that candidates are informed, prepared, and excited to explore career opportunities. We accomplish this by combining Compliance, Environment, Communication, Technology, Collaboration, and Feedback.


We participate in fair and compliant interview and onboarding practices in accordance with state and local guidelines and requirements.


Our office spaces are welcoming, collaborative, and easy to navigate.


We engage with candidates and the hiring teams to provide clear instructions and timely updates for transparency in our apply and hire processes.


We stay connected through technology and evaluate innovative solutions for improved user experience.


Our Talent Acquisition team collaborates with hiring managers and additional internal teams to create a seamless candidate experience from apply to ready for hire.


We collect and monitor feedback from candidates and the hiring team to identify areas of opportunity for actionable improvement. We continuously evaluate our processes to identify areas of opportunity to streamline and improve the candidate experience.

Interview Tips

Here is some additional information to help you make a positive first impression during the interview process.

  • Before your interview, make sure your resume is up to date.

  • Familiarize yourself with our company and review the details of the job description.

  • For remote interviews, make sure that you have strong internet connection and dial in from a private, quiet location free of distractions (mute your cell phone notifications.)

  • Log in early to your appointment, dress professionally, and have a copy of your resume ready to reference.

  • Stay engaged in the conversation.

  • Our interviews are behavioral based, which means you will be asked to describe specific examples from your work experience. In your responses, be sure to describe the situation and explain the steps you took to find a resolution. Be sure to explain how the resolution impacted the situation.

  • Here are a few examples of behavioral based questions that you may be asked in an interview: Tell me about a time when you overcame an obstacle at work, how did you overcome it and what was the result? Tell me about a time when you resolved conflict at work, what was the conflict, how did you resolve it, what was the outcome?

  • Be prepared to ask questions at the end of the interview process. We encourage this step so that you can learn more about the role and our team.

Our goal is to keep our candidates informed throughout the interview process. You can check the status of your application by clicking the login link in the top right corner of our navigation bar. After logging in, you can view your application status.

If you have any questions after your interview, our team of Recruiters and Coordinators are here to help support you. Contact our team by emailing or leave a voicemail by dialing: 212-519-1798.

Applicant Security 101

The security of your information is important to us! Keep these tips in mind as you move forward through our recruitment process to ensure that your data is secure, and that the information that you receive is from a member of our Healthfirst team.

  • All hiring and recruitment at Healthfirst is transacted with a valid “” email address only, or from a recruitment firm representing our Company.

  • If you receive a communication from a sender whose domain is not, or one of our recruitment partners, be aware that those communications are not coming from or authorized by Healthfirst.

  • Recruitment firms representing Healthfirst will provide you with the name and contact information of the recruiting professional representing the opportunity you are inquiring about.

  • You may be contacted by our Talent Acquisition team via SMS text message. If requested, all Healthfirst Talent Acquisition team members will confirm their SMS text message contact information from a valid email address.

  • Healthfirst will never ask you for money during the recruitment or onboarding process.

  • Healthfirst will never ask you for personal information (such as your date of birth, or social security number) during the recruitment process.

  • Healthfirst offer letters will be sent securely through our employee portal, Workday.

  • If you accept a Healthfirst offer letter, you will be required to submit personal information securely through Workday to complete onboarding.