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The Healthfirst Summer Trailblazer Experience
The Healthfirst Summer Trailblazer Program is a 10-week paid internship. The program provides an immersive and interactive learning experience that lays a foundation for continued leadership development and success. Each summer, we welcome students from various colleges and universities for the Healthfirst Summer Trailblazer Program. These students come to Healthfirst to learn about our mission and to make an impact on our organization and our members. Our program is known for providing valuable career experience and leadership development. The high level of mentorship, guidance and engagement that interns receive distinguishes our program from others. Our goal is not only to provide insight into our business, but also connect interns to ourmission and to help them understand, why what we do matters to both our members and the communities we serve. Interns become part of the Healthfirst family and their fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and innovation fuel our organization as we blaze the trail together! 

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Words from our Summer Trailblazers

 Summer Trailblazer
" I was part of Healthfirst's summer internship program. I became a member of the Application Development team, where I helped develop Healthfirst's iOS Application. Healthfirst truly creates an environment that simulates growth for its employees by providing the needed support and tools. Healthfirst also creates a culture that encourages diversity, the rise of leaders, growth, continuous learning, and success."
 Summer Trailblazer
"Healthfirst's internship program enables participants to dive into hard-core responsibilities while having the leeway of being an intern. As an intern, I was entrusted to manage challenging projects. The guidance I recieved through the one-on-one mentorship component continues to be a pivotal point of my career growth." 
 Summer Trailblazer
"Here at Healthfirst, the lessons I have learned include the importance of staying calm when shown adversity in a business environment, ensuring a quality work to life ratio is key to prosperity, and always be looking to improve yourself, the company, and the community." 
 Summer Trailblazer
"I am so fortunate to have had an experience that not only enhanced my background in healthcare but also gave me exposure to working with two valuable tools, SQL and Tableau. These are very sought after skills so being able to strengthen these skills so early on in my career is giving me a very big advantage."

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