COVID Policy Information
Since we care so greatly about our employees' and members' wellbeing, Healthfirst is moving to a fully vaccinated in-office environment. Please review the information below regarding our most recent COVID safety measures. If you are selected to interview for a role within Healthfirst, our recruiting team will explain our vaccination policy and ensure you are comfortable moving forward with further interviews based on this information. 
  • During our application process, you will be required to disclose your current COVID vaccination status. Completing this information is a required step in our apply process.
  • If you are selected to move forward to interview and your vaccination status has changed, please communicate this update with your designated Healthfirst recruiter. 
  • All new team members must be fully vaccinated upon hire with a CDC/FDA approved COVID-19 shot(s) and maintain their status as fully vaccinated individuals including booster shots are required per CDC/FDA guidelines in order to work in our offices. 
  • If your role requires you to work in a Healthfirst office or engage with members/the general public, you must have received a full regimen of COVID vaccinations including a booster vaccine before your hire date. If your role is remote, you will need to provide proof of your vaccination status during the hiring process and proof of receiving a booster vaccine within the time line established by the CDC.
  • ​​​​​​​In order to meet CDC/FDA vaccination guidelines, booster shots are required six months following the second dose of a two-dose vaccine regimen, or two months following a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine.